About us

Jewelry Mode is a young company that was born with a challenge to reinvent itself when the pandemic (Covid19) started in early 2020. Determined, Isabela Rodrigues (Brazilian lawyer) sought all the information she needed to start her new project -selling semi jewelry through social media.


Evidence of beauty and self-esteem, always offering quality products, followed by a close service to guarantee the complete satisfaction of your consultants and clients. Our goal is to offer the most beautiful, elegant and versatile in the semi jewelry segment.

Values :  Ethic / Innovation / Agility / Reliability

In any style, Jewelry Mode offers variety,quality and the best price. It is practical, fast and safe to make your purchases online through our website. We are committed to the security and privacy of our customers during the navigation process. Elegance, beauty and quality combined in the form of sophisticated semi jewels, without leaving the house.

Jewelry Mode brings together some of the best suppliers of semi-jewelry from Brazil and the United States to create the best collection online. Each piece on our website is chosen with different profiles of women and occasions in mind. These are works ranging from the classic to the most sophisticated, modern and daring, with beauty and durability.

This is our propose. Do you accept?

Accept our challenge, choose the piece that best suits you, the one that will be the highlight of your look.